Pages (Thought)

Our lives begin as a blank book. Every thought, every action, every moment becomes letters and paragraphs that are written in indelible ink and cannot be corrected.

There are long pages that are written and continue to expand for long periods of time and never seem to end. Others are shorter, more than we sometimes expected. As they become completed, life itself turns the page to begin a new one.

Sometimes words jump to the next page and it looks as if they had always been there. But eventually those sentences that seemed eternal fade away without us even realizing it.

On certain days we go back to earlier chapters to remember them, often longing to be able to rewrite them with the knowledge we have acquired over the years. We must not lose sight of the fact that there will always be blank pages, which will be filled with new words that we had not imagined and could completely transform the story.

The day the last part of our book is written, it will be closed and if we knew how to make the best of it, someone else will read it and take the most valuable fragments to use them in their own book. This is how we achieve immortality, by sticking our life texts in other people’s books and improving words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters in the ones who came across our life literature.

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